Reasons Why Vitamin K Is An Important Nutrient For The Human Body

Parenting can be really difficult, and especially in case of new parents. It is difficult and as well as tricky. As a couple has a kid, the parents start to receive a bundle of suggestions. Now it is most certainly up to the parents, whom to listen and whom not. But, if you make the mistake of being a proud parent, refusing to take any help then the only one who gets to suffer is your baby.

When a child is born, the first help comes from the doctors and the nurses themselves as they prescribe a number of vaccinations for the baby that will help keep the baby healthy. These vaccinations cover a number of diseases. But recently, there has been seen a trend for parents refusing vitamin K for newborns.

A vaccine is basically an antigenic substance prepared from the causative agent of a disease, used for immunity against the disease. So, let us find out what is the whole fuss about this issue. But, before that let me point out a few reasons why the presence of Vitamin K is essential in ones’ body. Given below are a few reasons to support the cause:

  1. Vitamin K is as essential nutrient that is needed for responding to injuries.
  2. It helps in blood clot, so the person who lacks a good amount of vitamin K would suffer greater blood loss during an injury rather than a person having the required content of it.
  3. It is also beneficial for the bone health as it may reduce the chance of bone loss, bone fractures etc.
  4. It is also known to help prevent calcification of arteries and other soft tissue.

Now, that we know how Vitamin K helps our body, one must wonder about its formation in the human body. Well, this particular vitamin is formed in the established digestive systems in older kids and adults, but sadly this is not the case for infants. Also, the breast milk from the mother fails to provide the needed amount of vitamin K.

Vitamin K is given to infants mainly to prevent a serious disease called the haemorrhagic disease HDN which affects the infants. So, knowing all these benefits of vitamin K, we can only realise how important it really is and the loss one would suffer with the absence of the required amount. But yet parents have their own reasons for refusal of newborn Vitamin k.

Being a parent, you are going to be mostly covered with doubt of your parenting method. Right from, whether your baby is crying out of hunger or lack of sleep, whether the baby is feeling hot or cold, whether the baby is getting its good manners or not? We these are just a few out of the several dilemmas that parents face in their day to day lives. But, when it comes to topics such as vaccinations then you must get an opinion from your doctor. So, in time of confusion always seek help of a doctor.

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