Are Makeup Tattoos a Safe Bet During the Course of Pregnancy?


The concept of makeup tattoos have become all the more common in recent times. In case of a permanent tattoo during pregnancy, you need to be aware of the fact that it does go on to leave a permanent mark. This is in complete contrast to a makeup tattoo that is found in most shopping malls or recreational centres.

But be aware of the fact that they do pose the same levels of risk as the traditional tattoos. As pregnant women one should steer away from the tattoo process because of the chances of infection. Well who knows HIV might be looming in the corner.

If you are still not sure whether to opt for a tattoo then expert opinion of a doctor can be sought out. It is suggested that you wait till the baby is born to be inked as very limited information is available on the fact whether the ink can go on to harm your baby or not in the first place.

In the case of makeup tattoos deep ink is embedded into the upper most layers of your skin. Semi-permanent tattoo during pregnancy would mean that the facial tissues are distorted and swelling could appear due to fluid retention. It would indicate the fact that any form of makeup tattoos that is applied during pregnancy can change once the baby emerges with swelling reducing to a drastic level.

It has to be said that once distortion of the face occurs, in the form of blushing or flushing it can have considerable impact on the chosen colours for a semi tattoo. Natural colours work out to be the best bet as it tends to blend into the skin colour. On the other hand if the skin is distorted due to excess body heat or due to increase in blood flow it is not going to look so natural once the baby is born. For example, the light brown eyebrows may work out to be black and when you remove themakeup tattoos then be rest assured of the fact that permanent damage to the follicles will occur.

When it comes to the process of applying makeup tattoos it is same as the traditional ones. If the doctor has gone on to give a green light as far as your tattoo is concerned, then also you would need to follow a few basic tips. First and foremost you would need to choose a tattoo artist who is licensed and registered at the same time. Be aware of the fact that the artist is experienced. It is great fun to be inked but the onus is to pay attention to small things. It needs to be mentioned that the artists needs to wear gloves and only disposable needles can be used in the process. In fact the dyes or the inks that are used by the tattoo artist should be packed and sealed.

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