Do not give up on a perfect smile

Do not give up on a perfect smile

Thanks to orthodontics, you will have a perfect and enviable smile you have always desired. Whether you desire the traditional basic orthodontic metal solution or the latest aesthetic orthodontic treatments, Gilbert orthodontist has got you covered. He can solve any problem of crooked teeth or lack of fit in both adults and children.

What orthodontic treatment is right for you?

Each patient is unique. Hence, the specific needs of each patient are identified and given special attention. The ultimate aim is to offer you the most appropriate orthodontic treatment.

Types of orthodontic treatments

Metallic brackets

This is the fastest treatment in orthodontics. The metal brackets are placed on the external and visible side of the teeth to correct the position of the denture by means of pressure. Thanks to the metal brackets, you will be able to align your teeth in the shortest possible time and with excellent results.

Ceramic brackets

They adapt to the color of your tooth, achieving a very aesthetic effect. The relocation time is somewhat longer than the metal brackets but the results are just as good. This is a treatment of longer duration but with a very natural aesthetic.

Sapphire brackets

Made of pure monocrystalline sapphire, they help you keep your teeth impeccable. This type of glass is barely noticeable when the wearer speaks or smiles, being a very discreet orthodontic treatment. The transparency of this material makes this type of aesthetic orthodontics especially recommended for people who have very white teeth.

Invisible orthodontics

They are transparent and removable splints that you can remove and put to eat and brush your teeth. These splints, made to measure for each patient, replace other orthodontic systems. Consult Gilbert orthodontist today without obligation to know if this type of invisible orthodontics is compatible with your case.

The invisible orthodontics is indicated for those people who, for work or aesthetic reasons, do not want to use other orthodontic methods.

Children’s orthodontics

There are different treatments for children’s orthodontics, with which we intend to offer specific solutions for the youngest of the house, in order to avoid major problems during adolescence.

The best thing to know is that you can come and see Dr. Tyler Robison today! Dr. Tyler Robison is an experienced, gentle orthodontist. He utilizes cutting-edge technology and leading-edge techniques to delivers strong, functional healthy teeth that you have always desired. Your smile portrays much about your personality. Do not give up in search for a perfect smile. It speaks volumes about you!


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